Touch Screen Kiosk


Equip Your Business for the Future with a Custom Touch Screen Kiosk

Ever since breakthroughs in touch technology paved the way for innovation more than a decade ago, businesses have enjoyed exciting new opportunities for improving customer experiences — and the touch screen kiosk is the next step in that evolution. First, touch changed the way customers interacted with point of sale machines, speeding up ticket times and improving efficiency. Next, touch came to broader customer-facing applications, such as smartphone apps. Now, there are almost limitless options as these two developments merge into the customer-facing touch screen menu. Could this technology be right for your business? At Born Digital, we've made it our mission to help you answer that question — and to deliver the custom solutions your business needs to stand apart in today's crowded marketplace. 

The Benefits of Using a Self-Service Kiosk

Why should you consider installing a check-in machine or similar piece of touch-enabled hardware in your place of business? It's about more than appearing up to date with the latest innovations, though the presence of a digital kiosk in your space can undoubtedly create positive impressions for consumers, too. Ultimately, there are many benefits to unlock by using one of these units — some of them include:

  • Reducing pressure on staff during high-volume periods or refocusing labour away from repetitive and easily automated tasks such as checking in before a service visit. Kiosks free up valuable employee hours for other tasks that can help to grow the business.
  • Empowering patrons to take charge of their own experience. Customers come away from transactions at your business with a more positive feeling about the interaction because functional kiosks allow them to move through the process at their own pace. 
  • Projecting a modern and contemporary image to visitors. Image matters — and an array of shiny kiosks with eye-catching graphics and an intuitive user interface equal a good impression. 

What Sets Born Digital Apart When You Want a Self Service Kiosk?

Understanding the potential that a self service kiosk has in your business is step one. Step two is determining how to take your ideas and implement them in a way that indeed provides your customers with the valuable type of brand interactions they desire. At Born Digital, we use an extensive skill set to offer unique opportunities for our clients; here's how we stand out in this area:

  • With more than a decade of history behind us, we bring a vast amount of experience in development to the table — enabling us to zero in on client needs and wants with pinpoint accuracy. We custom-create every system.
  • We offer an innovative approach to self-service kiosk software, with the ability to deliver solutions that continue to evolve and adapt to meet changing needs within your business. 
  • Our clients receive a dedicated focus; we don't wear many hats, only paying attention to your business when deadlines loom. Instead, we keep in close contact, providing regular updates and timely support whenever you require assistance with one of your kiosk terminals. 

From our agile development processes to our in-depth experience and proven track record of success for other clients, implementing a self service touch screen kiosk is easy with help from Born Digital. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Digital Kiosk

Making any investment for your business requires a careful assessment of its risks and benefits, along with a look at its long term impact on your operations. Investing in a digital kiosk is about both the hardware and the software working together in harmony. So how can you be sure that you're receiving value for your money? Try these tips to extend the life of your investment:

  • Carefully strategise how to make the kiosks as useful for patrons in your space as possible. Brainstorming and coordinating with the Born Digital team is an integral part of this process; allow us to explore solutions that support your business goals. 
  • Redesign your own processes to use a kiosk's capabilities better. For example, a car rental agency could streamline its check-in process by putting more power into the user's hands rather than requiring an employee to do the same steps.
  • Take care with regular upkeep and maintenance. As with any other piece of equipment, your kiosks require some attention to stay in top condition. From keeping it in good shape to applying software updates when available, you can ensure your kiosks are always ready for business. 

Other Services We Provide Besides Touch Screen Kiosks

At Born Digital, we're proud of our ability to offer clients a robust digital development solution no matter the exact application you have in mind. While we have several successful case studies in self-service kiosk implementation, that is hardly the extent of our abilities. In fact, we can provide our partners with additional assistance before, during, or after a kiosk project. Our other skills include:

  • Cloud software. Take advantage of the power of distributed computing, or "the cloud," with custom software designed to equip your business with extended capabilities at home and in the field. 
  • Modern web design to satisfy complex operational requirements. From intranet websites to complex corporate websites, we can apply our knowledge of the latest tools and techniques to engineer the best website for your purposes. 

Born Digital is a Cost-Effective Choice for a New Electronic Sign-In System

The future of interaction is here, and it's in our hands — quite literally. By empowering your customers and patrons to take control of some or all of the process, you can improve daily interactions, increase satisfaction, and reduce the amount of strain on your personnel. In some cases, you may even be able to save on standard labour costs by reducing or eliminating positions by automating everyday tasks, such as check-in, through the kiosk system. With Born Digital on your side, you can trust in a cost-effective approach to development that values your time and investment for what they're worth. Connect with our team today to share ideas and explore exciting new opportunities.